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Class 3b HS 2014-15

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 Timetable H. Perino HS 2014-15: click here!

Online Classbook: for all relevant class dates, news, homework, worksheets:


jump down to autumn holiday

jump down to Xmas holiday

CClass 3b   HS 2014 – 2015  / Room 202o




room 202: Grammar Book (Inspiration 3)



room 202: Expression



(room 202): Digital Grammar (check room!)



room 202: Reading


NO English class


Mon – Fri

Summer Holidays

Hello! Rep. U4 "If-clauses"

Zero Conditional - First Conditional.docx



Conversation "holiday"

After a Vacation conversation questions.pdf / Telling a story...How to Plan to Write a Good Story.doc

Digital Learning: Room 61


(only do PRESENT conditionals, 0 and I)


(only look at "zero" and "first" conditional)

http://www.perfect-english-grammar.com/first-conditional-exercise-1.html  /////

http://testyourenglish.org/test-22   //////


(choose a piece of news and do "speed reading", listening etc.)

placement test (how good is your English):  http://testyourenglish.org/test-212 

Choosing a book to read in class: Lord of the Flies

Choosing a book to read in class.docx

Reading 2 shortstories: THE TUBE.docx

The Curious Tale of Rosewood – Short Story on Politics.docx


18.8. – 22.8.

 conditional 0 + I exercise sentences.pdf

mixed tenses present future.pdf

mixed future tenses exercise.pdf

Telling a story... good beginnings:

Narrative Engaging Beginnings.docx


Digital Learning: Room 61 / HW: fill in conditional exercises, tense forms.

Exercises present simple / continuous: http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/simplepresent.html




Exercises past tenses:






  25.8. - 29.8

Test 1 (Rep. bisher: tenses present simple, present continuous / past simple, past continuous / future be going to, will, present simple, present cont. / conditionals 0 + I + Voc. Insp. 3, U 1-4)

Telling a story...

Digital Learning: Room 61


1: Logical Connectors

2: Logical Connectors 2

3: Exercise 1

4: Exercise 2

5: Exercise 3

6: Exercise 4

7: Listening exercise 1

8: Listening exercise 2

9: Choose more listening exercises form here (choose medium or difficult!)


(Sporttag KFR)http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/presentperfect.html



1.9. - 5.9.

Test back / U5 Present Perfect Simple

XXX (Schulreiswoche!)

XXX (Schulreiswoche!)

8.9. - 12.9.
 Knabenschiessen XXX
Telling a story: finalizing the story: HW Thur: hand in draft!

Digital Learning: Room 61 / First: study printed files (re-downloadable here)

Present Perfect Concept Questions 1.pdf Present Perfect Practice.pdf

Online explanation and exercises:

http://www.englishpage.com/verbpage/presentperfect.html read, then scroll down for exercises.

Lyricstraining: Nothing compares 2U try to fill in the whole text!

14 songs to practise the pres. pf.

read "lyrics sheets" as you listen to songs!

(leave out or find elsewhere on the net the songs that do not work here, e.g. Nr. 1)

Start reading "Lord..."


15.9. - 19.9.

NI 3 U5: Present Perfect / never ever: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHTszTf9zDI

All Saints - never ever.docx

Reworking draft of story.

Digital Learning: Room 61

Present Perfect: "since and for"

Exerise 1   Exercise 2   

Exercise 3   Exercise 4

Irregular Verbs: E1 / E2 / E3 / E4

Listening 1  Listening 2 

Contrast Past Simple – Present Pf.:

Explanation and Exercise

Lyricstraining: If I could turn back...

Konvent KFR XXX
22.9. - 26.9.

HW: study theory on present perfect / past simple on pp. 117-118 in NI 3. Do exercises there plus the one on the coloured sheets.



 sub E.K.  sub E.K. / Perino room 61

sub E.K. / HW: Read up to the end of Chapter 1 in "Lord..."

29.9. - 3.10.
Autumn Holidays
sub E.K. (Urlaub)
Prep. Test 2 / U5.4

sub E.K.

Test 2: Voc. Unit 5 NI 3, present perfect (simple) vs. past simple/continuous / personal experience

20.10. - 24.10.
NI 3U6.1

revising story, bringing it up to final touch.

LM Prüfung Perino XXX

Task: Write story in final version and email it to me.

(Elternabend 3. Klassen)

HW: Read up to the end of ch. 2

Discussion Test.


27.10. - 31.10.

Discussion Ch2 Lord...

sub E.K.: NI 3 U6.1 -2: Past Perfect, "used to"

ROOM 61 / Exercises Past Perfect / used to:


Exercise 1

Exercise 2

Exercise 3

Used to: expl + exc.

Exercise used to...

Exercise 2 used to...

When you have done all these, and only then you may turn to lyricstraining.com for a song of your liking.

HW: Read up to the end of ch. 3
3.11. - 7.11.

NI 3 U 6.2-3: used to / past passive

Reading each other's stories...

NI 3 U 6 to end... / prep exam


HW: Read up to the end of ch. 4

10.11. - 14.11.

Test 3: rep. pres. pf. vs. past simple / U6.1-3: Voc, past perfect, used to, past simple passive. Describing sequences of past events using all the above.

Giving positive feedback on stories / starting "free speaking"

ROOM 61 / Link 1 and Link 2 are for your reference when you study "Reported Speech":

Link 1

Link 2

Exercises Rep. Sp. – do them all!

Do exercise and read examples!

Reporting Verbs exercise

Another bunch full of exercises on Rep. Sp.

HW: Read up to the end of ch. 5
  17.11. - 21.11.

U6.4 / Linking Devices:

Linking Devices task.doc

Linking Devices-solution.pdf

Link Word Exercise.doc

Example Sentences for linking devices.doc

Marine Parks - model essay.doc

Room 61: introduction to "mailvu"

sub E.K.


HW: Read up to the end of ch. 6: Mark at least 3 passages that you find important, say why.




  24.11. - 28.11.
Linking devices: group them, understand them / Marine Parks exercise
Room 61: "mailvu" practice with picture: speak 2-3 min about a photo: listen/watch in class.

Reported Speech, free, descr.pdf Reported Speech.pdf  

Referring words other than said.docx

Document to use for your dialogue:


HW: Read up to the end of ch. 7: Mark at least 3 passages that you find important, say why.


1.12. - 5.12.

Marine Parks: Argue the other way round!
reported speech: looking at your texts.


Besuchsmorgen Primarschüler

HW: Read up to the end of ch. 8: Mark at least 3 passages that you find important, say why.
  8.12. - 12.12.

Marine Parks: Argue the other way round! Look at results

sub E.K. Perino CLM Day sub E.K. Perino LM Prüfung
last: room 63
15.12. - 19.12.
Xmas Holidays

rep. reported speech + 4th dimension: description

written exercise arguing for your point of view.
feedback on texts.

Test 4: Voc. NI 3 U6.4-7.3 / reported speech: statements, questions, commands, reporting verbs / arguing for or against an issue.

sub E.K. FDE group meeting

  5.1. - 9.1.

NI 3 U7.4 rescue...

preparing and presenting sketch with puns (play on words)

 making your own comics...

3 comics.pdf


HW: Read up to the end of ch. 9: Mark at least 3 passages that you find important, say why.

Deadline mailvu task: 18th January 24:00. Speak for about 4 minutes, not less, but not much more, either. Vocab help-sheet:

Describing Pictures - vocab.pdf  

12.1. - 16.1.

HW: newspaper articles about "Amazing Rescue".

sub E.K. UZH FD-Tagung: Global English

 discuss test / NI 3 U 8.1 "should have done..."
continue U 8.1 / 8.2

sub E.K. COHEP FD-Tagung

HW: Read up to the end of ch. 10


(Noten eintragen!)

19.1. - 23.1.
NI 3 U 81-2

If I were a boy.pdf



write 2nd part of comic

sub E.K. HSGYM-Tagung

HW: Read up to the end of ch. 11

XXX Notenkonvente
26.1. - 30.1.
Watch NZ Part I

present your final comic versions

HW: Read up to the end of ch. 12 (end)

XXX (3b Aula)


2.2. - 6.2.
Sports Holidays


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